We Lush Carts are a catering service that provides fun food. Confectionary, canapés, desserts and savoury treats. 

The passion we have is to make every important day extra special with little added touches. We are motivated by our children and we take pride in what we do.

From starting our business with an elegant sweet cart, we have expanded quickly to meet our client’s and customers demands. Adding to our portfolio other products and services which is now available for hire. Who knows what more Lush surprises we hold in the future…

We have a very creative, fun and a professional team who are passionate about what they do and most importantly, love what they do.

We strive to make your experience pleasant, after all, it’s a special day! We want to create a lasting memory not by picture but by taste.

Having received a hygiene certification, we ensure the food produced is at the highest of standards. This is never compromised. The controlled environment we operate in will provide you with a quality and flawless service.